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Unto This Last

by John Ruskin

Four essays on economics and social justice published in 1860

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Ch. 1. The Roots of Honor

Ch. 2. The Veins of Wealth

Ch. 3. Qui Judicatis Terram

Ch. 4. Ad Valorem

Ch. 5. Ruskin's book preface


John Ruskin (1819-1900) was one of the most remarkable voices of Victorian England. Having achieved acclaim as an art critic, Ruskin changed directions and by writing Unto This Last angered England's mercantile classes by fiercely condemning their greed and the poverty he saw everywhere around him. He challenged the dehumanized economic thinking of his day and urged a new kind of economics based on social justice.

Ruskin became an embattled champion of the working class. While gradually succumbing to despair and insanity, he proposed a wide range of progressive social reforms and founded a utopian community, St. George's Guild, to put those ideas into practice. Many of Ruskin's ideas have now gained wide acceptance. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and the British Socialist movement were deeply influenced by Ruskin.

Because Ruskin condemned the pollution of air, water, and soil caused by uncontrolled industrialism, he is regarded as one of the very first environmentalists.

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