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Readers get more from QuikScanned texts

QuikScan is an innovative text format that facilitates selective reading within a document, improves retention, and more. QuikScan is a promising solution to the problem of Information Overload and impatient readers. It is ideal for workplace documents, academic books and journal articles, long-form journalism, textbooks, and new editions of literary works.

QuikScan consists of (1) multiple summaries placed strategically within the text and (2) numerical pointers that enable readers to switch quickly between the ideas in the summaries and the places in the text where these summarized ideas are fully discussed.

QuikScan Views, the QuikScan web app, offers extra features. It looks like this:

QuikScan Views web app

The Classic version of QuikScan is ideal for print, PDF, and HTML. Both are mobile friendly.

You can look at numerous examples on the Gallery page, and learn how to design and build QuikScan texts on the How To page. The research behind QuikScan is solid and impressive.

QuikScan is an academic project, not a product. It’s free and in the public domain.